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inside the hempful farms cbd store
Who we are

About Hempful Farms

Hempful Farms is an experience. From the minute you enter any of our stores, it’s as if you’re showing up to our house for a meal. Welcoming, warm, and comforting. As long as you leave knowing more about Hemp, Cannabis, and their uses, than when you came in, we’ve done our jobs. Currently we have 3 stores with 25 more in the plans. We hope to help you “Start your day the Hempful way” no matter where you are. Yoga, wellness, Hemp infused foods, and consulting are some of the many ways we hope to be Hempful to humans and pets. We look forward to seeing you at our stores as we continue to grow and educate about the miracle Hemp plant.

The faces behind Hempful Farms

Our Founders

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is a Professional Chef, former Semi-Pro Baseball player, and Chron’s Disease survivor. Founder and CEO of Hempful Farms, Chris is a happily married family man and father of 5 kids. Chris has devoted his life to helping end Cannabis Prohibition and making it his personal mission to prove to the world how Hemp can heal. Chris’s masterful cooking skills and Chron’s Disease diagnosis led him to open up Hempful Farms Cafe in 2014 with a dream of showing the world the healing power of Cannabinoid infused food and drinks.

picture of founder Hempful Farms, Andrea Martin
Andrea Martin

Mother of 3, wife, and co-founder of Hempful Farms. CEO of the Martin family for 15 years. After roughly 2 years of making edibles with her husband for patients, they were raided. Charged with 15 felonies and facing life over Cannabis. Andi managed to keep her family and Hempful Farms running and is the sole reason Hempful Farms was able to stay alive and thrive as it is today.


Haters Make Me Famous

Check it out

Follow as entreprenuer Chris Martin through his journey as a child in the system to an adult in the system for pot and how he and his family avoided 127 years in prison by turning the scenario around on the state.

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