CBD widely used as alternative medication in various sports


As an athlete, you do more wear and tear on your body. Get natural relief with CBD.

As a Sports Professional

What You Need to Know About Cannabidiol

Did you know that chronic use of over-the-counter pain relievers can cause long-term health issues? The overuse of Tylenol can cause long-term liver disease. NSAIDS also are now found to pose a greater risk to your health than previously thought. This is where CBD or Cannabidiol comes in as a safe alternative to these medications. At Hempful farms, we have been developing several new CBD products engineered specifically with Athletes in mind to reduce inflammation and pain from sports-related injuries or wear and tear.

CBD for cross fit training
The Benefits of CBD for

Crossfit Training

Are you ready for your CrossFit performance to be at its best? Adding CBD as a part of your daily routine can enhance muscle performance. CBD has several anti-inflammatory properties that will help maintain and increase your endurance. Crossfit training can be very rough on the body. CBD muscle rub and CBD KT tape can help refresh your muscles. Experience how taking CBD can improve your Crossfit training.

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The Benefits of CBD for


Let’s face it, golfing is an extremely demanding sport, and golfers typically experience pain throughout the back, shoulders, and joints. If your swing isn’t fully extending, it might be time to try utilizing the healing properties of CBD to improve your game. Our CBD products were specifically designed for golfers. Get pain relief the natural way.

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CBD for golfers
CBD for cross fit training
The Benefits of CBD for

MMA Fighters

For several years now Cannabinoid or CBD has been gaining popularity throughout the MMA ring. This is because of the many benefits that it provides keeping fighters at their best at all times. Taking CBD, either topically and/or orally helps fight deep and chronic pain and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Recover fast and get back in the cage.

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