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Dinner With The Chef


“Coursed and Infused”

Dinner With The Chef! Join us May 27th and every last Saturday of each month. We will follow Chef Chris Martin on an infusion Journey like no other. Watch as Chef Chris wows us with his ability to infuse as you expand your pallet and enjoy plants.

Chef Chris will offer 6 courses infused with different fats, butters, oils and sugars. He will teach you the process of formulation of each course will sharing his passion of cooking with every scrumptious bite. Furthermore, There will be a meet and greet at 6pm the night of the dinner as well as a book signing.


the hempful chef– Contact us, Book The Chef today

The life

Professional Chef, former Semi-Pro Baseball Player, and Crohn’s Disease survivor-Chris Martin doesn’t just infuse for a living-he infuses for his quality of life. Martin Founder and CEO of Hempful Farms is a happily married family man and father of 5 kids. He has devoted his life to helping end Cannabis Prohibition and making it his personal mission to prove to the world how hemp can heal.

The Career

The Hemp Chef– Chris Martin has opened 10 restaurants four of which he Co-Owned. In 2009 he founded the infamous “Zonka Bars” but the line ran afoul as a result of ambiguous Arizona Medical Marijuana laws. After all, That prompted him to shift his focus from product -only to a sit down café with hemp a cbd infused menu.

Moreover, Chris’s masterful cooking skills and Crohn’s Disease diagnosis led him to open up Hempful Farms Café in 2014. With a dream of showing the world the healing power of cannabinoid-infused food and drinks.  Unfortunately-Chef Martin’s was a forced  “Guest of the State” had  to temporarily close down the café and production facility. 

Lastly, Dinner with the chef will be a full consumption event. No one under 21 is allowed to attend and will be a private event. Uber and Lyft will be available. No consuming and driving allowed.

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