Oils, oils, oils… Part Two


Oils, oils, oils… Part Two

In part one of our oils, oils, oils post we reviewed different CBD extractions used in making CBD oil. In this post, part two, we’ll dive a little deeper into the manufacturing of CBD oils by discussing ‘carrier’ oils.

What is a carrier oil? Carrier oils are used to dilute a fat-soluble extraction. Often extracts need to be diluted so that they are more compatible with the body. When a molecule is fat-soluble it means it will dissolve into a fat-based solution. In science a fat-soluble molecule or compound is called a lipid. The second function of a carrier oil is to act as a vehicle that delivers the active compound. CBD, and all cannabinoids, are considered lipid compounds (aka fat-based compounds). This is why we see CBD commonly sold as oils. Oils act as a vehicle for CBD to enter the body.

It’s common to check the quality of CBD extraction when purchasing your oil, but what often goes overlooked is the rest of the formula, i.e. carrier oil. When it comes to making sure that the quality of your carrier oil is of high quality, here are three suggested oils to look for.


MCT oil gets its name because it is highly concentrated in medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), fatty acids that naturally occur in substances like coconut oil, palm oil, goat milk and breast milk. Most foods contain fatty acids known as Long-Chain Triglycerides (LCT). MCT oils are derived from coconut or palm oil and involve the process of fractionation; this is where LCTs are removed from coconut oil, leaving an oil that contains only MCTs. Compared to LCTs, MCTs are smaller and therefor metabolized more quickly by the body than LCTs. MCT oils can also hold higher concentrations of fat-soluble compounds, meaning they can be used to make CBD oils with higher CBD concentration.


Cold-Pressed Hempseed Oil is known for offering an array of health benefits. This comes from the fact that hempseed oil naturally contains a whole bunch of nutrients that are good for the body. Essential to producing high-quality hempseed oil is using an extraction technique that is heat sensitive. Heat has the ability to prematurely oxidize organic material, resulting in the loss of oil nutrients, cold pressing plants ensures that your oil retains all the healthful qualities. Sometimes people confuse hempseed oil as having a high concentration of CBD. This is not the case since it is the hemp flower, and not the seed, that is enriched in CBD.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the most well-known and commonly used oil, but EVOO is not just used for cooking. Turns out EVOO can be an excellent CBD carrier oil. It has a non-offensive taste and offers a lot of nutrients that is good for the body. EVOO is made by crushing olives, collecting the juice, and then separating the oil from the water component of the juice. The separation is done mechanically, rather than chemically, with the use of a centrifuge. What makes EVOO so special is that its lack of refinement means that it retains all the beneficial nutrients that naturally occurs in the olive plant.

MCT, Hempseed oil, and EVOO are most commonly used as carrier oils for CBD, however, there are a few other such as grapeseed, black cumin seed oil, even frankincense. Each oil offers a different array of health benefits, so when choosing your CBD oil, it is wise to select a carrier oil that further supports that body in a way that suites your needs. Here at Hempful Farms we prefer to use cold-pressed hempseed oil for our 400mg full spectrum oil and coconut derived MCT oil for our distillate and isolate products. After reading part one and two of our oils, oils, oils posts you are ready to head out and make a wiser and more informed choice. At Hempful Farms we strive to create an honest and reliable reputation by offering products that are verified and premium, ensuring that our customers get the most powerful and potent care. Stay tune for next week’s post… we’ll explore how CBD and yoga make an amazing match!


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